Monday, 12 March 2012

The scale of the problem....

My girlfriend and I had a few days away in Edinburgh over the weekend, so I got zero painting done, but when I got back there was a big pile of minis waiting for me. I thought I'd take a picture to illustrate what I'm up against with my addiction.

What I bought this week:


What I painted this week:

That's right, bought 39, painted 0. I bought more than usual this week as I was filling in some gaps in my LotR and WFB Empire collections, but 20 figures a week from ebay and the like isn't out of the ordinary.

I guess I'll just have to start painting faster!!


  1. What technique are you planning for painting? I'm guessing three layer as you are undercoating black?

    If so the mission for TONIGHT is to drybrush the metal bits on the White Dwarf with tin bitz, then slightly lighter drybrush of boltgun metal (or equivalents).

    That is it BUT you CANNOT go to bed until you have done this!!!! :-)

    Flesh tomorrow... :-)

    1. I'm actually undercoating white, the White Dwarf hasn't been undercoated at all yet. I cant do any painting at all until Thursday as I'm away with work until then. But at that point I will get on it. Promise.

    2. You need a portable work station my friend for in the hotel! :-)

      White undercoat? Umm... Takes a lot longer. I know it sounds like heresy but dip might be worth looking at if you are going white (I used to use white but switched to black, much quicker when not dipping).

      My Imperial army here is all dipped:

      And Phil here dips all his Ancients:

      Yes, Phil uses dip on all his figures, hard to believe but it does work and speeds the whole process up...

    3. I'm just looking at a few portable workstations, then I'll need a portable light too, Premier inn don't seem to feel the need to put more than one tiny light in each room.

      I've played around with dipping before, but never really got results that I was happy with, but I do intend to revisit it in the blog sometime.

    4. Hey Steve, I saw your Imperials, great army! Lot of classic guys there...

      I'm dipping my fimir too, works a treat with a little love.

  2. I get a certain kind of tingly joy from seeing large piles of mini's so thanks for that.
    I'm in the same boat regarding buying more than I could ever paint but I seriously can't help it so I feel your pain/joy

  3. I see two zoats there, I think I might have bid on those, curse you sir! That's a lot of lead, I thought I had a problem...

    1. Yeah, the zoats were odd. One I paid a little over the odds for as it was the only fantasy zoat that I didnt have, and the other one I got for just over £5. Ebay is a strange place.