Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ooooh, Toys!

Finally some pics of toys! I'm afraid that those of you who were here just for the messy desk pictures will have to get your kicks elsewhere from now on.

I decided I would do a couple of minis a week to begin with (easing myself in gently and all that). One will be started from scratch, and the other will be finishing off one of the many half painted minis that are sitting on my shelf. Once I'm back into the swing of things I'll start to be a bit more focused with my painting, and may even start working towards a painted army.

So here are week one's candidates:

The White Dwarf
Orc Shaman
The orc shaman has been kicking around my painting table as a throwback to when I experimented with brown undercoat. I hated painting over it and so never got it finished. But now is that time.

As for The White Dwarf, I picked up the White Dwarf Personalities box a while ago, but was missing Livingstone the 'ed Hitter. Well this week I finally got one on ebay, so I'm starting to paint the boxed set in celebration! Expect to seem more of his friends over the coming weeks.

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