Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What's better than a Citadel Giant?

2 Citadel Giants! Wheeeeee!

Here they are along with a slightly intimidated Marauder skeleton for scale.

I'll stop now. I promise.


  1. I was watching the one that went on ebay this week (assuming this is it - quite the bargain?!) and was thinking about you!

    So what's the plan - a two man army?

  2. I have the number of a very good shrink...

  3. This is the most bizarre mid life crisis I've seen to date ... you should get a mistress - I think that's actually cheaper.

    Still - congratulations!

  4. You jammy, jammy git! Congratulations on the WIN!!!! :D

  5. I think I had a bid on that giant too! Only a £100 wonder mind. Still, it didn't sell for as much as I was expecting so there is hope for me in the future.

    Only 998 of them left to collect!

    1. The new one isnt in great condition and or complete like the first one, but I still think he was a bargain. :)

    2. Nice. Put them in a 3D scanner, print out the copies and Ill buy them for sure. =)

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  7. Hello !!

    Why do not you make molds to make resin copies?

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  9. Aren't those giants painted by now??

    This blog need updates... :(

  10. If you haven't used the bearded head, I would love to trade! I want to mount a dwarf on one like in Heroes for wargames!

  11. Hi,

    Do you have Giant for sale/trade?