Saturday, 15 September 2012

I only went and did it....

I bought myself the Citadel Giant on ebay.

Yes, that one.

I'm picking him up on Monday. Pics incoming then.


  1. What the one with the buy it now of £850?

  2. Congratulations - So that's the reason for your clear-out sale on the LAF!

    Or was it the other one that went to £700 at the beginning of the week?

  3. It was this one.....all the bits there and cheaper than the buy it now one too!

  4. I applaud your dedication. What are your plans for him? Will we get a blow by blow as he comes to life?

  5. I have to confess I'm thinking about getting him painted by someone else. I don't think my painting skills will do him justice!

    1. Its metal, you can always strip him down!!

      You do nothing for ages and then you go and drop a bombshell like the giant!

      Skarsnik the legend now!

  6. Look after my old boy. Now I've come across this I can see updates and pictures.
    Still gutted I let him go, but glad I got the right buyer. Good luck.