Thursday, 5 April 2012

The End of an Era

I finally got another mini finished, the original White Dwarf this time, which is a significant event in itself.

Grombrindal Mk1
Even more significant though, is the fact that this is the final miniature I will paint with the current range of Citadel paints. Chaos black, skull white and a whole host of other colours have been with me since I started painting miniatures nigh on 25 years ago, and I'll be sad to see them go. But having had a bit of a play with the new paint range it seems an improvement in almost every way, so I'm excited to start using XV-88, The Fang, Leadbelcher and all of the other weirdly named colours.

Expect to see the results and hear my thoughts on the new paints soon.


  1. Very nice paintjob! Looking forward to your thoughts on the new paints, I'm sceptical due to the price (£3.50 here in Sweden).

  2. Skarsnik,

    He's painted perfectly, but I don't think he's the "original" White Dwarf. I think he's "SS6 - White Dwarf Personalities"; I think the first White Dwarf was "FS17 The White Dwarf".

    Regardless, your model is far superior to the FS17.