Monday, 4 June 2012

I'm Back!

Not much hobby activity recently. I've had a manic time with work, and with the arrival of summer (or rather those 4 sunny days we call summer around these parts) my hobby motivation dwindled to pretty much zero. It didn't help that the figure sitting on my desk waiting to be painted didn't inspire me on little bit, so I put him aside and mused over the subject of what motivates me in the hobby, while drinking a beer. (A nice bottle of Fursty Ferret since you asked).

Then it hit me.


I've always been more of a gamer than a painter at heart, but the number of games I play is minimal due to not having a painted army. So what better motivation than getting an army painted with the sole intention of playing a game? Just a small one mind, this is me we're talking about!

So out came my 3rd edition Warhammer armies book, and after much deliberation I settled on undead. 1000 points of undead to be precise.

Another Fursty Ferret and some head scratching later and I came up with this:

Gerhart Amsel - Lvl 15 Necromancer - Hand weapon - 155 points

20 Skeletons inc. standard - Hand weapons - 210 points

19 Skeletons inc. musician and standard - Hand weapons, spears, light armour - 266 points
Led by a Lvl 5 Undead Hero - Hand weapon, magic sword(hellhoned blade), light armour - 67 points

10 Grim Reapers - Double handed weapons - 120 points

10  Skeleton Archers - Hand weapons, bows - 120 points

1 Undead Stone Thrower - 60 points

Total - 998 points

Now, having not played a game of 3rd edition warhammer for almost 20 years, I don't know if that's a usable, or even legal army list, so if you spot any glaring errors please let me know.

My plan is to start painting when I return from my holiday at the end of June, and have it finished in 2 months. Then all I need to do is find an opponent.......


  1. No such thing a 'legal army list' in 3rd, Skarsnik, so no worries there. Warhammer Armies was an early attempt to advise competitive gaming rather than setting out THE LAW of what particular armies should look like. Read the chapters in the rule book about character creation and scenario development if you don't believe me, guv!

    I too am working on a 3rd edition undead army (in tandem with a orc and goblin one) and have just about finished my first unit, grim reapers. My build is very similar to yours, only I am using a liche mounted on a chariot as leader rather than a necromancer - its great to have the CHOICE though, isn't it, rather than just vampires, vampires, vampires.

    Looking forwards to watching your progress and comparing it with mine mate.


  2. Looks good - I seem to remember skeleton archers being fairly useless in small numbers though - Mine never hit anything anyway! ;)

    In my post LPL fatigue syndrome I've been thinking about getting the calculator out and writing up lists for the minis I've got - might even impart some focus and discipline on my ebay purchases...

    1. Nice basic force good bedrock to build on. As to archers I always wanted, though never got round to, arming them with crossbows so when they do actually hit something is more likely to happen.